Beginner’s Guide : How To Setup a Simple Vanity Table for Your Dressing Area | Products from IKEA

As a woman, I believe that there’s something magical about our dressing area. It’s one special place in our house that we can go every morning to prep ourselves and begin our day with full confidence knowing that we have look the best. Well, we work hard (and play hard too 😆 ), and I think we deserve a space to pamper and beautify ourselves everyday!

Here are a few tips that could help you in setting up your makeup vanity table. These tips will include IKEA products as it’s where I bought most of my dressing area products. IKEA is a really great place for high quality DIY furniture. You may find the exact IKEA products that i have bought through the links below.

1. Choose the right area
For beginners, you could set up your makeup vanity table in any corner of your house that you feel most comfortable for you to get ready every morning. Choose the place where it is not crowded and you have enough space to get ready for the day. I’ve known few friends of mine who set up their dressing area in the bathroom. Now, don’t get me wrong. If you feel comfortable getting ready in the bathroom, then you should go for it. But for me, hygiene becomes a big issue if you decide to store your makeup in the bathroom. You should only store them in a dry cool place to keep them clean. You wouldn’t want to use any products that are full with bacteria on your face, don’t you? I would highly recommend for you to set up at the cleanest place in your house which is your bedroom! Find the corner where natural light hits the most and set up your vanity table just besides the window. You’re good to go!

For me, I just carve out a little place in my bedroom where i can set up a  simple vanity table. It’s not much, but it’s the perfect little space for me to enjoy preparing myself every morning. This is the only corner in my house that Eezuan is not allowed to enter.  (All my beauty products are stored here, so this is my territory! HAHAHA 😈). Eezuan also have his own so-called-dressing-area, so that we don’t end up mixing our products and getting all of them messy in the drawers.


2. Mix and match.

Decorating your makeup vanity table can be quite simple if you know how to mix-and-match. I chose antique vanity table concept for my dressing area. I know, most of the makeup junkie have the Hollywood glam bulb vanity table, but somehow, I want to shift away from that bulb trend. And I just love this oval mirror! It gives a classic elegant look to my table. From the picture, most of the products are in white color, purposely to give a fresh feeling and to match the rest of my bedroom which also are in the white theme. Don’t forget to add drawers to your vanity table to keep everything in place. It’s up to you if you want multiple drawers as makeup junkie always prefer to have multiple compartment to store different types of products. I chose only two big compartments as it is the only dressing drawer in IKEA that can fit my SK-II bottles! I use SK-II in my skin care routines, and for those who use SK-II also, you know how big and tall the bottle are! I literally tried to fit the bottles almost to all the dressing drawers in IKEA, and this drawer fits it perfectly!

Now, when you’ve chosen your main color, you need to add one or two color to make it look alive. I choose red (my fav color in the world!) to pop up the clean tone of my dressing area. Red crystals, red candle, red roses, red everything! I bought the artificial flowers for only RM4.50 at Kedai Bunga Tomei, No.2005, Malayan Mansion, Jalan Masjid India, 50100 Kuala Lumpur. It’s located just in front of Mydin. You won’t miss the flower shop as it is the only flower shop around that area.

Fun story : The red candle is quite a yes-no addition to the vanity table as we had a bad experience previously with candle. I just couldn’t forget the incident. Long story short, I used candles food warmer for my buffet on one fine day. We were having a mini open house on that day. Little did I know, one of the candle warmer was defective. It literally burned the whole food, and Eezuan quickly took the tray to throw it in the sink. Being such a clever person, the only thing that comes into my mind at that havoc time was, to put off the fire with water! 😆 . It was really a very bad decision i have made in my entire life because at the moment Eezuan throw the tray into the sink, I quickly tap on the water, and the fire just burst out, burned both Eezuan and our kitchen curtain! And the rest is history.. It took quite a week for him to recover from all the rashes and little burn. His front hair just get burned off. I’m so sorry baby 😳 In short, the red candle that I bought was only for decoration, which I have promised him not to light it up at all.

For the red crystals, we’ve searched high and low for it! It comes to a point that I’m just pissed off because it was SO difficult to find one 😡 . Finally, Eezuan managed to find it at Romantika Home Decor. I love you baby! ♥ 😀 The crystal stones costs me RM5.90. Bought two packets of it to fill my glass vase. You may use any decorative cups, vase or jars to store and show off your brushes in a stylist way.

 Image source

HEMNES Dressing table with mirror : RM999.00


Image source

BRIMNES Chest of 2 drawers – white – IKEA : RM199.00


Image source


Image source

TAJT Vase – IKEA : RM12.90

Image source

SKURAR Plant pot – IKEA : RM12.90

Image source

DAGLIGEN Unscented block candle – IKEA : RM7.90




Crystal stones at Romantika Home Decor – RM5.90


3. Cozy seat

You can either choose to have a chair, bench or stool to match with your vanity table. A chair is definitely a great choice to take care of your posture while you’re getting ready. But if you want to cut of the space, you can choose a nice comfortable stool. Putting a stool can cut off the space needed as you can store it under your table, but the drawback is you need to train yourself to sit up straight. I chose the stool because I am using this area to shoot my videos and I want my background to be in a clear view. Having a chair will only block my background view.

To make my seat comfortable, i just put the sheepskin on top of it. The sheepskin can works two-way, one as a fuzzy seat for your stool and second, as the perfect canvas for you to take pictures of your products when put on top of it (check out my instagram). Now, don’t be confused. There are two types of sheepskin in IKEA. One is the original sheepskin which can easily cost you RM249.00, while another one is the fake rug which was the one that I bought with much cheaper price of RM39.90. To be honest, the only difference between these two is only the color. If you are very particular with color, the expensive one is off white while the rug is pure white. The fluffiness also differs but if you are not using to lie down on it, i don’t think you should splurge your money on it. You should go for the second one as it really doesn’t make any difference in pictures. Just splurge your money on makeups!

Image source

INGOLF Stool – IKEA : RM125.00

Image source

TEJN Rug – IKEA : RM39.90


4. A little bit of glam

What would a vanity table be without a glam lights? Pretty glam lighting can light up your area in just a second!  Thanks to my glass stairs window, I  don’t need to try that much to make my vanity looks glam. I just bought the lights, hang them on the stairs window and  my vanity table brighten up just like that! If you like to buy the same tangling lights as mine, there’s many shops selling it at Jalan Pasar, Kuala Lumpur. So many designs to choose from! It’s like the heaven for electronic things! My tangling lights cost me around RM75.00 if I remember correctly.


Tangling lights everywhere!

My chosen one!


5. Unique pieces

This is just an addition to glam up your vanity table. If you have any unique pieces or chic makeup things that you have collected throughout the years, vanity table is the great spot for you to display your favorite things which will portray your fun personality. For me, it’s an Eiffel Tower that I bought at Paris when I was on Europe trip with my brother (one month holiday!) on four years ago. Paris just have a special place in my heart. The place, the food, and most importantly, I go head over heels over all the skincare there!

To add more decorations to my vanity table, I add my initials which I bought from Typo. I’m obsessed with putting my initial on everything that I own! In addition, I also use my Burberry perfume to display as decoration.

Image source

Mini Marquee Letters 10CM – TYPO : RM30.00

Image source

Letterpress wooden letter – TYPO : RM17.90


6. No cold feet

No vanity is perfect if you have a cold feet prepping yourself every morning. To complete your vanity look, just get yourself any type of carpet to put under the table. It could be thick and big, or maybe soft and small, anything will do as long as it can warm up your feet.

Image source

VALLÖBY Rug, low pile – IKEA : RM129.00


The left side of my dressing area is left empty as it is where I put my camera and diva ring light for shooting. Pls subscribe to my Youtube channel! If you are interested to buy the ring light, you may contact me. 😉


The most important thing in setting up and decorating your vanity table is just choose any decor that makes you feel good while prepping yourself every day. Have fun!


Much Love,

Fakhitah Iqbal