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Hi guys! Welcome to my blog! I have a huge passion for skin care, makeup and fitness. I find myself always recommending products to my friends once I’ve found a good one. And I tend to get a lot of questions asking about how do I keep fit, how to lose weight etc. That’s how the idea of blogging comes into my mind. I know I can do this! I love writing and I love giving tips to other people. I hope you will enjoy my blog!

My full name is Fakhitah bt Muhammad Iqbal. I go by the name Ita or Itah (yeah, “h” makes a lot of difference here. family = itah, friends = ita).  I’m currently 28 years old, will be turning 29 on this Sept (1 year more to hit 30!). I am happily married to my husband, Eezuan Othman. He is 7 years older than me, which sometimes makes it difficult for us to communicate as we’re talking in a different wave. But hey, that’s what makes our relationship stronger over time as we consistently learn to crack each others code to understand better. I felt so lucky that I have found him in this big world and we get to annoy each other with silly jokes for the rest of our lives. 😆

Our sweet wedding day.

This picture perfectly sums up our relationship life. We’re totally goofy around each other!

I work as a full-time software engineer for about 5 years already. I took IT as my major in high school, and never look back ever since.  I love my job but I find myself loving makeup and beauty related things even more! When I’m not at work, I will go online and read everything about the latest hype in makeup and skin care, just to get myself updated on the current products, or I even go to gym like for hours just because I love the feeling after a hardcore workout session. I love to travel in my free time (or more like I will free my time for travel!), but I am really scared of flying! Like seriously. 😐

Let’s warm up my first post by getting to know these fun facts!


  • I grew up with all boys. I have 3 brothers, I’m the only girl in my family. It’s a World War 3 back in those days.
  • I was born in Connecticut, US. No, i do not have US citizenship. I’m a fully Malaysian. (The most FAQ ever)
  • I prefer shirt and jeans over skirts and dresses.
  • I love cooking. I cook everyday.
  • I cannot pronounce R. All my brothers cannot too.
  • I love watching haunted movies! If you want to scare me, you need to try hard.
  • I’m really into dancing. I’ve been dancing since i was 8 years old, performed in and out of the country on my younger age. It’s just in my soul.
  • I’m a big risk taker! I love making decision that could change my life path dramatically.
  • I eat the same breakfast every single day. Peanut butter with two slice of wholemeal bread.
  • I had a dream of becoming a model, but too short for it. I’m only 155cm.

If you’re interested to know more about me, you may watch my first Youtube video “30 Random Facts About Me!” and do subscribe to my Youtube channel! I will upload new video every Monday! 

Thanks for dropping by my blog! 

Much Love,

Fakhitah Iqbal


  1. Sheqa | 13th Apr 17

    Hi awak… boleh share macaman nak buat 5 mins make up pergi kerja kalau dah terlambat?

    • fakhitah_iqbal | 13th Apr 17

      hi sheqa, senang je tak payah mekap! hahaha

      bolehhhh, nanti saya buat simple makeup video ye.

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